Neskowin Community Plan

On behalf of the community, the Neskowin Citizen Advisory Committee (NCAC) and its membership* volunteers are beginning the process to update and revise the Neskowin Community Plan, which became effective, over twenty years ago in March of 1999.

By design, The Community Plan reflects the vision of our community and provides guidance to the county and state for how land use ordinances, policies and zoning are prioritized by our community. Our collective voice is critical to making land use fit our respective and collective criteria. NCAC wants to use all of our best efforts to garner community input, so that the end result is reflective of what we collectively see Neskowin as a community going forward. 

The NCAC will endeavor to engage the community in many ways including surveys, focused review meetings, and general community meetings so that each resident has input to the process and provide opportunity to contribute to the hopes, aspirations and specific needs of the Neskowin community. The NCAC will work closely with the Neskowin Community Association to reach out and publicize the effort and provide notice of meetings to help accomplish participation by our community.

*The NCAC bylaws define membership as follows:


Membership is open to all legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years old and reside in, own property in, or are a business owner or operator within the area of responsibility outlined as (Canary Hill to the North and Slab Creek to the South). A copy of the By-Laws, meeting notes and agendas, and other relevant documents shall be available to each member and shall also be posted on the NCAC website, which is hosted by the Neskowin Community Association website. Membership in the Neskowin CAC extends full rights of participation, including the right of voting in Neskowin CAC meetings. A member must sign the attendance sheet at each meeting in which the member votes. Contributions will always be encouraged. Contributions and fund-raising activities will be used to offset the cost of the Neskowin CAC.      



Meeting Minutes