Neskowin Beach Golf Course Hires New Superintendent!

Neskowin Beach Golf Course
The Jewel of the Oregon Coast

The Board of Directors is very pleased to announce the hiring of Ben Hicks of Seaside, Oregon.

He will begin on 7/31/2017. He and his wife Claire will be moving into the residence initally. We are all very excited to have Ben on board and look forward to a steadily improving golf course.

We have also hired David Leisure to manage the inside of the Clubhouse during the summer months.

Please stop by and say HI to our newest addition to the Neskowin family.


The Board of Directors and golf committee members welcome the opportunity to answer all of your questions. You can reach them by email at NBGC@neskowinbeachgolf, Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/neskowinbeachgolfcourse, website www.neskowinbeachgolf.com or call  503.392.3677.

Neskowin Regional Water District News
By Jean Cameron, NRWD Board President

As many of you know, Guy Holzworth retired at the end of 2015 after 30 years as our General Manager. We are fortunate that Troy Trute, the Water Plant Operator since 2005, was interested in taking on the challenge.  Troy has an extensive IT background and has been instrumental in both operating and improving the technology at our water plant.  After ten years with the District, he’s obviously familiar with our entire water system as well as the community; Troy lives in the Neskowin area with his wife and five children (including twins born last month!). 

Troy has undertaken numerous projects in collaboration with the Board of Commissioners, including two major projects in our new Capital Improvement Plan.  Both projects will be started at the same time and will be constructed from the District’s largest reservoir located just north of the Old Hawk Creek Golf Course south through the old golf course south to Fairway Drive.  We are currently in the planning phase of the projects with preliminary engineering 75% complete; we hope to break ground this summer. These two improvements will increase the water quality for all customers of the District.  Thanks to many years of careful budgeting these two projects are fully funded.

The first project will be a Transmission Piping/Chlorine Contact Improvement.  We will construct a second 8” pipe to the Main Storage Tank to provide a dedicated fill pipe for the tank, as well as a new distribution pipe to connect to the existing piping along the south side of the old golf course.  All water leaving the water treatment plant will travel through the Main Storage Tank prior to any customer usage, resulting in improvements in chlorine contact time, mixing, and a stabilized chlorine residual leaving the tank.  We will also be installing an in-tank mixer insuring constant water temperature, PH and chlorine content.

The second improvement will be the Fairway Road Piping Improvement Project.  New 8-inch piping will be installed along Fairway Drive to replace the existing 2-inch piping, eliminating a dead-end pipe and allowing abandonment of the deteriorated 6-inch line along the old Hawk Creek Golf Course.  This will provide better flow from the water treatment plant to the Hawk Hills subdivision.

More good news: our water supply is looking better as we enter the 2016 summer season.  We’ve had 23 more inches of rainfall in the October to March period of 2015-2016 than we did in the previous year.  But water is always a precious resource, so please use it conservatively. 

NESKO Women News: “Ladies Please Join Us”

NESKO Women's Club is a philanthropic organization.  Funds from our Annual July 4th Book and Bake Sale in Neskowin are granted to South Tillamook County organizations serving youth, seniors and families. We meet at the Kiawanda Community Center in Pacific City on the 3rd Friday of the month @ 11:30 Sept-May, except Dec.(December's meeting is set aside to help fill the Christmas Baskets)  An interesting speaker is scheduled for each regular meeting.  Lunch is $13. You do not have to be a member to attend, but reservations are required.  For reservations please contact Julie Krohn 503-863-9307.



Upcoming FEMA flood map changes for Neskowin

New, draft maps of Neskowin are now available for internal review below.  Hard copies will be at the 2014 Memorial Day NCA meeting.  Have a close look if you are in an area you think might be affected by the new zoning. Now is the time to raise any concerns. Comments can be sent to Jed Roberts (Flood Mapping Coordinator at DOGAMI) jed.roberts@dogami.state.or.us by May 2.  After May, you can still comment as it will take close to a year of external review and comment before an official map is signed off on. 

Guy Sievert
(Neskowin CAC)

Neskowin Map

Pacific City Map



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